Generic Name: Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer


Product Overview:

It is generally known that HbA1c (glycohemoglobin) is grouped into A1a, A1b, L-A1c, and sA1c categories according to the kind of glucose so combined. Measurement of HbA1c is widely utilized today as an index for diabetic screening tests and also as a therapeutical index for the long-term blood glucose control of diabetes mellitus. HLC-723G8 is an automated, high performance liquid chromatography system designed to measure HbA1c accurately and rapidly. It is also used for quantitative and qualitative analysis of HbF, which cannot be easily measured by conventional methods. Therefore, highly reliable data can therefore be obtained by utilizing this system. Note: The use of HbA1c as a diagnostic marker for diabetes and quantitative analysis of HbF are not cleared by FDA.