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Generic Name: Diagnostic Reagent

Diagnostic Reagent




Product Overview:

The AIA-PACK test cup format works with every Tosoh automated immunoassay system. Single, unitized cups use a lyophilized format that requires no pre-mixing and no pre-measuring, and this dry reagent format ensures calibration stability up to 90 days for most analytes. These test cups contain all of the necessary components to perform immune-reactions. ST AIA-PACK reagents provide a faster turnaround time due to a 10 minute incubation protocol. Transition from one system to another is seamless, ensuring consistent results and efficient, economical operation for the laboratory. Extensive test menu provides a wide range of immunoassay tests including thyroid hormones, cardiac markers, tumor markers, reproductive hormones, and many more.

The Complete AIA Test Menu* bHCGII, AFP, CEA, PSA, Free PSA, cTnI-3 (Not available in the U.S.), PSA II, PAP, CA19-9 (SLa), CA125 (OVCA), CA15-3 (27.29), FER, TSH, T4, FT4, T-U, TT3, FT3, TPOAb, TgAB, E2, PRL, HCG, ßHCG, LH, FSH, PROG, Testosterone, CKMB, Folate, B12, cTnl, MYO, BNP, HBsAg, HBsAb, HBcAb, HBeAg, HBeAb, IRI, C-pep, CORT, IgE, BMG, HGH, intact PTH, RBC-Folate, HbA1c, Cystatin C, ACTH and DHEA-S