Generic Name:Automated Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzer


Product Overview:

The AIA-900 is a new addition to the Tosoh family of AIA analyzers and has a throughput of 90 tests per hour at running any combination of AIA ST assays. The AIA-900 is available in three different models: the AIA-900, the AIA-900 with the 9 tray sorter and the AIA-900 with the 19 tray sorter. The three models present customers with a unique opportunity to grow with their testing volumes. This is an excellent solution for mid-size laboratories that can start with the loader model and add the 9 or 19 tray sorter to increase their testing capacity. The AIA-900 utilizes the same Unit Dose Test Cup reagent technology as all Tosoh AIA immunoassay analyzers and offers the full AIA-test menu*

AIA-900 Automated Immunoassay Analyzer
Four Configurations Provide Expansion Capabilities

The latest addition to Tosoh’s family of AIA immunoassay analyzers is available in four configurations, allowing you to choose a system that’s just right for your laboratory workload.

AIA-900 features:
• 90 tests/hour throughput
• Load 10 racks on board
• Load up to 5 tests/patient
• First result in ~ 18 minutes
• Random access
• Continuous processing
• Simple touch screen operation
• Bar-coded primary tube sampling
• Clot detection
• Unit Dose Test Cup
• Automated pretreatment
• Automated dilution from 2 to 1000